History of Northern Waters Outfitters

In 1972 Ned McSherry, former Kayak racer, who had opened Saco Bound canoeing the year before decided to open a small outpost in Errol, New Hampshire. After aquiring a lease along the Errol Rapid a small construction trailer was moved into the field and Northern Waters was born.  The first year we held a few  kayak classes and rented some canoes for paddling above the Errol Dam.This was one of the first commercial Kayak schools in the country and the oldest in New England and attracted many U.S. Team Kayak racers over the years for their teaching staff.

Each year there after improvements were made Like moving a logging camp through town as a main base building , building a cookhouse for staff and a schoolhouse for Kayak School students. Adding a shower building and tent platforms made living a little less rustic.

For quite a few years Northern Waters maintained a slalom couse on the Errol Rapid and ran many kayak slaloms and Downriver races.

Each year programs grew and thousands of people were introduced to what is now the Umabgog National Wildlife Refuge. The Kayak school peaked in 2001 as others did throughout the country, Although still a popular attraction to Northern Waters other programs now seem to be on the rise. Very Popular is the New Hampshire rafting programs and wilderness canoe camping that Northern waters provides at its wilderness camping sites spread throughout the waterways. Kayak touring has exploded througout the country and the Umbagog National wild life Refuge offers some of the best.

Northern Waters was featured in many magazines and news articles including a National Geographic Children’s  book on Youth Kayaking, and a WBZ T.V. special in the Boston area. Its former Rapid River Rafting Program was televised by channel 8 and 6 out of Portland, Maine.