Magalloway River
Lake Umbagog National
Wildlife Area

Rapid River

Just above Errol Dam, there is a vast and easily accessible series of rivers and lakes that be connected into a array of different single and multi day canoe or kayak trips. The Magalloway River put in in Wilson's Mill offers your furthest most launch site and flows down in to Lake Umbagog with its series of coves, points, islands, marshes to explore. From the lake you can access the Rapid River at the Northeast end of the lake or continue down the Androscoggin River to Steamer Diamond Boat Launch just north of the Errol Dam.

Northern Waters can rent you either canoes or kayaks for trips in this beautiful wilderness area and can easily shuttle your boats to any of the various boat launches in the area. One of the outstanding features is that true wilderness access is available, and paddling trips are easily negotiated. While there are options south on the Androscoggin right out of our camp, we highly encourage the use of our waterways to the north for a far more scenic and wildlife filled trip. Below are a few trip suggestions but feel free to pull up a map and create your own. Each trip title begins with your put-in or start point. If you're scheduling a shuttle with us, this will be the location you want to schedule your shuttle to. 

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Canoe Rates

Flatwater Canoes and Kayaks - $45.00

Tandem Kayaks   -    $55.00


Canoe Shuttle Service

Wilson’s Mills $75.00 - Mt. Dustin $45.00 - Wildlife Refuge Office/Wentworth Location $40.00

7 Islands Bridge/Brown Co. Bridge $60.00  -  Mollidgewock State Park $40.00

Umbagog State Launch/Paradise Point $45.00 - Errol Dam $20.00 - Steamer Diamond $20.00

Extra boats $7.00 each (1st boat is free)


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Trip One:
Steamer Diamond Out and Back

Our easiest option. Steamer Diamond Boat Launch is a short 1 min drive up 16 North of basecamp and is the quickest way to the North end of the lake by boat. Head up the headwaters of the Androscoggin to Lake Umbagog or explore Harper's or Sweat Meadows to view wildlife on those windy days and cool early mornings. The out and back option is designed for you to paddle out as long as you like and turn around come back when you're tired or the weather starts changing. Not sure how the kiddos will do the first time in a canoe or your day is packed full of other adventure? This trip is for you.

Trip Two:
Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge Office to Steamer Diamond 

8+ miles
Looking for more than a quick out and back? This is our easiest down river trip. But don't let that fool you, there's a lot to pack into the 8 miles from the put-in to the take-out. Shortly after putting on to the Magalloway, the river turns away from Route 16 and meanders out to Lake Umbagog along Leonards Marsh. Once on the lake, the opportunities are boundless. You can explore the North End and the Rapid River, Metallak Island and the South End or continue down the Androscoggin and in to your take out at Steamer Diamond.

Trip Three:
Mt. Dustin to Steamer Diamond

12+ miles
Trip Two may sound great but with this option you get an additional 4 miles on the beautiful Magalloway River. Who wouldn't enjoy spending more time in the Umbagog Wildlife Refuge.

Trip Four:
Wilsons Mills to Steamer Diamond

20+ Miles
This trip is only for the most ambitious of paddlers. At 20 miles minimum, someone can cover the most continuous stretch of paddling available without a portage. And that can be extended with miles on the Lake Umbagog! Head over the border to Maine and put in on the Magalloway River at Wilsons Mills. Pick up fresh maple syrup right at the boat launch. Vast views and mellow water lead to an astounding view of Diamond Peaks standing tall over the confluence of the Swift-Dead Diamond and the Magalloway River. A few miles later and paddlers will pass Mt. Dustin and the Wentworth Location boat launch where Trip Three begins. This float can be broken into two day paddles as well for those camping at our outpost in Errol but interested in paddling this upper section of the Magalloway.

Overnight Trips

Any of the above trips can be turned in to an overnight paddling trip with a night at our Cedar Stump campsite located in the Northeast corner of Lake Umbagog on the Rapid River. From there you can take another day to explore the Southern end of the lake or take a canoe cart and portage up the legendary Carry Road to paddle Pond in the River for a glimpse into the Maine logging era at Forest Lodge and Lower Dam. Or simply ditch the canoe and take a hike up the Carry Road and down any number of side trails to Rapid River on one side and into the endless Maine woods on the other.

Downriver From Base Camp

We have a handful of take-out locations downstream from camp that offer excellent trip options, however they can be more technical both in a boat and logistically. The river begins with near stagnant water that even the heartiest of paddlers will struggle in with the slightest head wind. The next few miles consist of more flat water with the sporadic class II rapid followed by more flat water and the majority of the float is all roadside. All that being said, the riffles you do paddle through can be excellent fishing.