Frequently Asked Questions
By Our Customers

We don’t have a specific age requirement, but we ask all participants to be at least 50 lbs.

Our main office is open from 8am to 6pm. So those are the best times for us to accommodate reservations. If for some reason you expect to arrive at an earlier or later time, please call us at (603) 482-3817 or email us at

There are two restaurants and three stores within walking distance from Northern Waters Outfitters Base Camp. The restaurant options are Northern Exposure, a diner setting and Hawg Trawf, which specializes in bbq. All stores also offer food options as well.

Right at our Base Camp! We offer hard and soft wood bundles!

We don’t shut down! We offer campsites all year long!

Rafting trips take approximately two hours.

We recommend wearing clothing that you don’t mind getting wet! We also recommend not wearing any cotton material. We offer water shoes and dry tops to wear.

We charge $10 per tube for a half day and $20 per tube for a full day. Tubing is included for free when booking a rafting trip with us.

We offer discounts for veterans and guides. Free camping for AT hikers and NFCT paddlers.

Yes, all pets are welcome!